HubSpot Video

As the global economy faces uncertainty and the possibility of a recession, it's essential for C-Suite executives to have a clear plan for managing finances and operations. Watch the on-demand C-Suite Roundtable: A Recession Playbook for Managing Finances and Operations where the executive panel shares practical strategies and insights on how to navigate these challenging times. You will learn about:

  • Key financial metrics to track during a recession
  • Best practices for reducing operational costs and maximizing efficiency
  • Strategies for securing funding and maintaining cash flow
  • The role of technology in enabling resilience and agility

Moderated by Consero Private Equity Director Tony Esposito, the panel includes the following C-Suite executives:

  • John Araki, CFO of RecoveryOne
  • Craig Fryar, COO of BankingON
  • Raj Lakhani, CFO of CORE